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Who Else Wants To Be Part Of The TOUGHEST 5K Race You’ll Ever Run…

Introducing The Maddog Fitness Challenge Fitness Obstacle Race Held In Downtown Concord, NH on September 7th, 2013!!


concord new hampshire maddog raceThe Maddog Fitness Challenge is a 5K urban obstacle course race.

The race will challenge you as an individual and is also a fun team event. You will run through some Concord parks . Obstacles will be placed throughout the course.

The Maddog Fitness Challenge will test your all around strength, stamina, and mental toughness.

You will be challenged and your fortitude will be tested by 11 gut-wrenching obstacles including…

1. The Giant Ladder – How high will you go??

2. Monkey Bars – its like the playground but tougher…

3. The Maddog Wall Run Up – You’ll be amazed when you run up a wall and climb over the top!

4. Maddog Climb Overs – Up and Over You Go!

5. The Cargo Net and Pipe Ladder – Test your spiderman web-climbing skills…

6. The Vert Wall – You will look at it and say “No Way” but when you beat this obstacle you’ll be on top of the world!


The Ramp Obstacle!

7. Fence Jump 3 – Only the toughest Maddogs will get over this one…

8. The Maddog Balance Beam – Rumor has it Dogs have great balance…..we’ll see…..

9. The Maddog Crawl – Sometimes dogs like to play in the mud…..well, we didn’t want you to be disappointed…  ;-)

The Maddog Fitness Challenge WILL Test You….

When you sign up you will receive a Maddog Event T-shirt, Maddog hand towel, and Beer ticket (for those age 21+) to every registrant!

After the race you can watch the Dragon Boat races, enjoy the Beer Festival and food vendors, Crew races and all of the “Weekend on the Water” festivities.

There will also be Duck Tours of Historic Downtown Concord!


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Just Imagine How It Will Feel…

As you cross the finish line you will hear your name called by our two professional announcers (imagine how good it will feel to know that you challenged yourself and came our victorious).

The Maddog Fitness Challenge Offers Fun For Participants AND Spectators…

There will be a wide-range of activities at this event while the competitors are on the course!

The Madddog Fitness Challenge promises to not only be a tough fitness adventure race but also will be remembered by friends and family as one of the best events they have ever attended.

One More Reason To Sign Up – Support A Local Charity

Womenade Of Concord We are excited to announce that the Maddog Fitness Challenge event will be contributing a percentage of Race proceeds to Womenade Of Concord!

For some families, one unexpected medical bill or emergency car repair is a big setback. Even back-to-school shopping can hurt those already close to poverty. For these families, sometimes a few hundred dollars is enough to avert a financial crisis, which is where Womenade of Concord helps.

Founded in March 2010, Womenade of Concord raises money for immediate, short-term financial assistance — up to $500 — for families in need in the greater Concord area (including Bow, Boscawen, Canterbury, Chichester, Contoocook, Hopkinton, Loudon, Pembroke and Penacook).

Requests for funds go through a validator, such as a family physician, social worker, school nurse or teacher. Board members discuss and approve each request, and the money is given to the collecting agent within a few days. The money is used for (but not limited to) basic needs such as housing, utilities, medical services, car repairs or food.

Every dollar raised by Womenade goes directly to those in need. It’s a simple idea, but the impact is immeasurable.  The Maddog Fitness Challenge is pleased to be donating a percentage of all race fees to this worthy charity.  Thanks in advance for your support!

We Invite You To Participate In The Toughest 5K You’ll Ever Experience…

We have done our part to make the Maddog Fitness Challenge race the most challenging and rewarding fitness obstacle race you will ever participate in. It took months and months of preparation, and effort, working day and night, and $37,000 to have obstacles created from scratch along with an amazing amount of effort by our staff – it’s going to be an amazing event and unbelievably exciting fitness obstacle course.

Now it’s your turn to grab hold of the wheel, take control of your body and steer it where you want it to go. It’s time to start surging ahead, bursting through plateaus, shattering old comfort zones, breaking personal records and achieving consistent results, Maddog Obstacle after Obstacle, minute by minute of this can’t-miss event!

Don’t wait any longer, grab one of the remaining spots, and become “one of the dog pack“…

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