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maddog_mudder_group_shotWhat is the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge?
The Mad Dog Fitness Challenge is an adventurous obstacle race designed to test the physical and mental endurance of those who choose (or dare) to enter! This is a locally-run race dedicated to supporting fitness and community in New Hampshire. Each race also contributes to local charities!


Are there age restrictions or other limitations to participation?
Yes indeed. In order to participate in the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge you must get permission from your parent or Legal Guardian the day of the race at the check in desk.  Also, a parent/legal guardian must be present for the entire time that a minor is on the premises (don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of great activities in the spectator area)


Can I register on the day of the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge?
Limited onsite registration will be available on the day of the event. However, we only have limited spots available, so we highly recommend registering early!


How much does it cost to run in the race?
We reward fast action and decisiveness.  Registration costs are less expensive the earlier you register so don’t dilly dally my friend.  The earlier you sign up, the bigger the discount you get.

What does my Mad Dog Fitness Challenge registration fee include?
In addition being part of a select group of Mad Dog Fitness Challengers, you’ll get a participant-only Mad Dog Fitness Challenge T-Shirt, sweat,  pain, memories for a lifetime, a free beer (if you’re over the age of 21), and pride in knowing that you were one of a select group of people who finished the toughest 5k around.



The Ladder Tower!

What time does the race start?
We have many Waves going out at various times so it depends on which wave you register for.   When you register, simply select the wave time that you want to race in, and that will be your start time. The number of Mad Dog Fitness Challenges per wave is limited, so don’t wait – its first come first served.

Waves of runners leave at different start times. You choose your start time when you register. Waves are limited to 100 people to prevent back-ups at obstacles and the most popular waves (10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) often sell out quickly.

We encourage competitive runners (those participants who can run an average 5K in 24 minutes or less) to sign up for our ultra-competitive Early Wave so as to avoid possible interference from slow-paced runners from earlier waves. Each runner is timed individually through an electronic timing system. Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 overall winners.


To see the Waves available visit the Sign Up page

How early should I arrive before my Wave?
At the very least, we recommend you are there an hour before your wave.  We are going to have tons of great activities going on the day of the race so feel free to show up early before your wave, watch the earlier waves and participate in some family-friendly fun.


How long is the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge race?
The Mad Dog Fitness Challenge is a 5K race (that’s 3.1 miles).  Of course, most of that 3.1 miles is doing the strategic obstacles… These will slow you down for sure.


Is the Maddog Fitness Challenge only for superbly-conditioned athletes? 
Nope.  Don’t get us wrong, this race will be no walk in the park. It’s a very challenging race! Whether you are in “average” shape or a competitive athlete, the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge will test your will and your mental toughness.

With that said, you will need to train for this event.  Seriously, don’t just show up on the day of the race if you’re idea of a workout is hitting the treadmill for 20 minutes three days a week.


How do I train for the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge?

First and foremost, start training months in advance!  Don’t think you can start training a week or two before the event because, by then, it’s too late!

We suggest Give yourself at least 6 to 12 weeks.  You’ll want to focus on a Full-body style workouts.  If you can find a local Bootcamp workout to participate in sign up and go 3 days a week or more.  (Check out if you live close to Concord, NH).

Mad Dog soon-to-be challengers should definitely do some long-distance running and run uphill, as well. The best advice we can give you to prepare for the race is to work with a qualified coach or trainer so you don’t overtrain (or under train)! Good luck!


What if it rains on the day of the Mad Dog Fitness Challenge race?

The race still goes on! The Maddog Fitness Challenge will be even more of a challenge with the rain, so let’s go for it!


What services are available at the race?  

There are porta potties at the start and finish points of the Maddog Fitness Challenge. Also, we want you to keep hydrated while you run, so there are water stations set up at the start and finish points and another along the course. 

What can my family do while I run the race? 

The Maddog Fitness Challenge is set in beautiful Concord, New Hampshire, the state’s capital and the Primary State (for those political enthusiasts)!  Our urban 5K begins at Kiwanis River Front Park, which abuts the Merrimack River and Everett Arena.

This year, the race is being held in conjunction with the city’s Weekend on the Water (WOW) event, which is family-oriented and hosts Dragon Boat races, Duck Boat tours of historic downtown, crew races, a craft beer festival, live music, and many food vendors. WOW is at the Kiwanis River Front Park, which is the same location of the Maddog Fitness Challenge starting point.


Are Spectators allowed at the race? 

The Cargo Net

The Cargo Net

Of course! When we created the Maddog Fitness Challenge, we planned for spectators by making it a family-friendly environment! We are glad the race is part of Concord’s Weekend on the Water this year. The event is sure to help build excitement for our race participants and provide fun for the Maddog Fitness Challenge spectators! It’s a good time for everyone!

Can I Volunteer or Help Out With Your Race?

Yes, as a matter of fact!!!  We’d love your help!  The Mad Dog Fitness Challenge is a BIG production and while the charity we are supporting will be providing some help we could always use more!   We will need assistance for the days leading up to the race, on race day, and after the race. We do our best to ‘hook up’ our volunteers with some cool stuff.  If you’re interested in helping us out then please Fill out our Contact Form and tell us how you’d like to help! 


Can I take photos or videos of the race?

Well of course you can!  This is a family-friendly event and you can take as many pictures of the participants as you would like!


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